Notic Nastic (Notic Nastic distribution Shitkatapult)

Notic Nastic are an explosive neon cocktail of sugary pop bubbles, sharp vocals and distinctive dark notes.

The members from New York and Berlin produce twisted electronic sounds and freaky beats. Berlin based, these sensitive little techno aliens prefer to remain anonymous revealing their identity purely through the music.

Often accompanied by an entourage of glow in the dark dancers and other things that glitter, notic nastic bring a hot, hard and happy live set with playful lyrics and high energy dance workouts that are sure to leave you in a frenzy.

The inspiration for notic nastic stems from an unrest with the music industry and a frustration with the sleepy minds of the masses. WAKE UP! is their message, open your eyes wide and see the truth behind the smokescreen.

Sweet and salty, fuzzy and sharp, notic nastic will free your mind and sync to the beat of your heart.