Csoa Forte Prenestino (Rome) presents on June 10/11 the sixth edition of ElectrodeIndependent Electronic Music Festival. We will see performing many International Guests of the likes of Martina Topley-Bird, James Zabiela, Xenia Beliayeva feat André Winter, The Hacker, Franz & Shape, Low Frequency, Leo Anibaldi, Simone Renghi among the others. Electrode is the result of the combined efforts of many Roman musical scenes and visual projects such as MissAnthroPeakSonic VisionerTruckstop76th, Urban Pressure, 00 NowhereCandivision and more

The main reason why the Festival takes place is to create an event that combines different languages from the Electronic Music world, that are also the expression of the social environments that shaped them. This need is an heritage that push us to always look for new contaminations.

From the very beginning Electrode gives an example of exchange between a strong artistic research and an extreme creative independence: the “trait d’union ” is the common striving for quality and a total resistance to the commercial trends. Since the audio and video`s production tools became digital, an increasing number of artists got the chance to create their own music and video performance, sharing them throughout the web, influencing and innovating each other wiping out  the differences between “big” and independent artists. These lead us to put together artists known in the famous Club Culture`s circuits and artists from the independent scenes, with the guarantee of the highest standards of technical quality, purity of sound and spectacular scenery offered by some of the most innovating VJs.

Forte Prenestino organizes events in a self-managed way always taking care about the community and its needs, as far as its renewal process.

Electrode Independent Music Festival is a gamble: no sponsors appear, or ever been requested. Despite this the price to get in the festival is once again accessible to all without interfering with the quality standards provided. Everything is ​​possible thanks to the commitment of those who have always been involved in the life and the making of the self-managed Forte Prenestino, that becomes more valuable and essential in these times of political and cultural obscurantism, endemic underemployment and underdeveloped social structures.

Electrode is a fun, liberating, culturally mixed and not standardized event, aware of his own identity and background.

Electrode is not meant to be “an anti-festival”, but “a second chance” in addition to the few festivals in Italy that bring artists usually performing abroad. Got to the sixth edition we cannot look back: there`s always been a constant rising in terms of audience and supporters over the previous five. We`re not afraid to say that tens of thousands have passed through the Forte Prenestino`s tunnels and many international guests like: Ellen Allien, Antipop Consortium, Ed Rush, Anthony Rother, Ivan Smagghe, Far Too Loud, Acid Junkies, Motor, Extrawelt, Vitalic, Dexter, Evil Nine, T. Raumshmiere, YoungStar, Birdyman, Dalek, Zu among the others, have been on its stages.

The festival falls at the beginning of the summer so that you can get the best of Forte Prenestino`s ancient structure, with its wide open spaces arenas, surrounded by nature. Electrode`s stages are spread into two “piazze d`armi” called alpha and omega, each one with its own genre, guests, Vjs and DJs and a third one  called gamma, a sort of high level chillout, that gives space to other local artists. Thanks to this rich environment the music have no borders: techno, electro, breakbeat, minimal, dubstep share the same stages, lights designers, VJs  and  audience.

Like every year a major space is reserved to the visual part. The VJs crew born with Electrode. During the first two editions, Candyvision was in charge working with other VJs groups already known in the Roman clubbing. They shared a unique experience being part of the creative process of the festival, set in a not ordinary place like Forte Prenestino. This means “getting your hands dirty” building step by step the visual impact.

All these is Electrode!