Fraulein Z (Herr Zimmerman)

Fraulein Z is one of the few female DJ’s, who plays a stronger electro techno sound.
Her sets are characterized by a very danceable sound with very energetic pumping beats and strong bass lines. Style: Techno-electro!

She is a strong and charismatic lady and the audience is always very surprised and impressed of her sound and style. She has excellent DJ skills, and she is also the founder of the successful popular Herr Zimmerman club nights in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Together with her partner TanzMan, she started Herr Zimmerman in Rotterdam in October 2006. ‘Herr Zimmerman’ is the name of the alien, electronic-music minded  party cat, and is also the same name of the very creative club night!
Herr Zimmerman parties are visited by a very open minded and colorful audience from all over the Netherlands, and even from abroad.

Fraulein Z also designs all the eye catching artwork of Herr Zimmerman.
The alien cat Herr Zimmerman always plays a profound and funny part in it.
The themes of the artwork are also the themes during the club nights and is always very humorous. Nice examples are ‘Das Krankenhaus!’,  ‘Dance floor Fitness!’,
‘Herr Zimmerman’s Horror Show!, and the very popular ‘Sex Invaders night! (including a unique retro porn exposition during this club night).

Fraulein Z closes every Herr Zimmerman party and TanzMan starts the night with a very danceable minimal and techno set. Every Herr Zimmerman night they invite international artists. Well known international names like Dr. Lektroluv, DJ Hell, Anthony Rother, Zombie Nation, D-R-U-N-K (MOTOR), Motor DJ’s, T. Raumschmiere, and The Hacker. And also exciting, more extra-ordinary artists like David Carretta and Gigi Succes, Franz & Shape,
the very eccentric Adriano Canzian, Electric Rescue (BoysNoize) etc. etc.

Besides her residency at Herr Zimmerman, Fraulein Z also played in other clubs like Trouw-Amsterdam, Sugarfactory (Amsterdam), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Club 8 (Amsterdam) and Norfolk Loods (Nieuw Beeld en Geluid, The Hague). Internationally she played together with TanzMan in Club FLEX in Vienna, OFFICINA MESSINA, ITALY, and the ZMF (Zurmoebelfabrik) in Berlin.

This year she will several Festivals, like at Rotterdam’s Music Republic Festival, CONTAINERFEST in Rotterdam, and also at DANCE VALLEY FESTIVAL 2012.
Also she is booked in Italy several times this year, among others at the ELECTRODE Festival in Rome, Italy.

Her creativity doesn’t stop here and she is now working on her first production.

Soundcloud – Fraulein Z page: