No Hay Banda Trio (Stirpe999)

Nohaybandatrio was born in 2004, when Fabio Recchia (prepared bass and guitar which he plays simultaneously) met Marcello Allulli (sax and liveelectronics) and Emanuele Tommasi (drums and percussions).

Its musical proposal has its roots in many genres: jazzcore, prog, math rock, `70s groove, soundtracks, noise… but they are all re-encoded in its unique style.

Both as Nohaybandatrio and as single elements, the 3 musicians collaborated with artists like Tony Scott, , Massimo Pupillo, Okapi, Michele Rabbia, Zu, Brutopop , Assalti Frontali, Ardecore, Inferno, Nicola Tescari, Katia LabĂ‹que, Giovanni Sollima, David Chalmin, Viktoria Mullova, Marque Gilmore, Meg, “Black Engine” (project with Zu, Eraldo Bernocchi feat. Mick Harris and FM Einheit), Luca Bulgarelli, Fabrizio Bosso, Gianluca Petrella, John B. Arnold, , Damo Suzuki, Antonello Salis, Joe Lally, Alessandro Baricco and many others.

They made 2 records: “Tsuzuku”, published by Zone di Musica and “Il Seme”, published by Stirpe999 and CaneCane.

This third work (title) makes their style clearer, the dynamics are more intense, as well as the harmonies and the contrasts, mixing very defined and arranged sections with free and intuitive moments, inspired by the most different musical genres.

The record (made live in the studio) is enhanced by the presence of 4 special guests who will join the band for live performances, as well:
-Francesco Bearzatti, sax
-Giovanni Falzone, trumpet
-Massimo Pupillo, electric bass
-Enrico Gabrielli, bass clarinet, alto flute