Miss Loony (MissAnthroPeakpj)

Miss Loony Dj aka Jordi has a strong passion for music and she decided to share it being always active in organizing music events. She born and grew up as a DJ in the second half of the nineties in the Forte Prenestino, where she has been Resident DJ for over a decade.

In 1999 she founded “Eva Kant dj project”, an all-female project, that marks a milestone and represents a truly significant movement in the Roman underground techno scene. Over the years Eva Kant Dj Pj split into different projects and in 2006 Miss Loony Dj and KillingZoe Dj created MissAnthroPeak Pj. The new project inspired many interesting and incisive events where the scene is only managed by women involving many different audiences: Shake The Disease and TechnoMantika just to mention some of the most important events organized by MAP PJ.

Miss Loony music is a mix of techno performed in a very direct and clean style. Over the years she shared the stage with the likes of Ellen Allien, Vitalic, Ivan Smagghe, Motor, Extrawelt, Anthony Rother, Xenia Beliayeva, Max Durante, Franz & Shape… and more… and she brought her music in many European cities until arriving in Japan.
Miss Loony is one of the creators and organizers of “ELECTRODE” Independent Electronic Music Festival, taking place in Rome at Forte Prenestino.