KillingZoe (MissAnthroPeakpj)

KillingZoe is a dj that overlooks the Roman underground techno scene in the early years of the millennium. The passion for music was inspired by the lure of the primitive and ancestral 4/4 marked by 180BPM.

Her artistic and technical background has its roots in the CSOA Forte Prenestino, where electronic music inspired the Resident djs, benchmark for the electronic music underground Roman scene and of the rest of the country.The increasing affinity with the other Resident DJs of Fort Prenestino made it possible to share an all-female project, called Eva Kant dj Pj; the project born in the late ’90s, as a first attempt to give life to the work and the multiple experiences of woman that have been working for a long time as Djs and promoters in the Italian and foreign electronic music scene. After the experience of Eva Kant dj Pj, KillingZoe and Miss Loony, have created a new project, MissAnhtroPeak Pj, born from the vital need to experience new sounds and genres sharing it with a new audience. The physiological development of the project and the very essence of its creation have found the perfect harmonization in Electrode, Independent Electronic Music Festival, where MissAnhtroPeak Pj is one of the creators. Now in its seventh edition, Electrode has magically put together DJs and VJs from different worlds, combining them in an artistic and organizational effort that in the past seven years continues to give his precious fruits. Over the years KillingZoe has developed his own personal musical style, the result of sound’s contamination created by mixing various kinds of electronics. KillingZoe has shared the stage with national and international artists of the likes of Ellen Allien, Vitalic, Ivan Smagghe, Motor and Extrawelt.