Xenia Beliayeva – live RU (Dance Electric / Data Punk recorods)


“A taste of chocolate from all sides on my lips”
[“Chocolate”, Various Punks Volume A]

So that we do not misunderstand each other: Xenia Beliayeva is not an easy to enjoy sweet snack, neither as a producer nor as a DJ.

Her arrangement of electronic music brings forth the demanding creatures of the night, which approve the sound as a central stylistic medium, but last but not least she adds a further sensual element with the addition of her voice.

Not only “Ultra Glamour”, but also “Hellraiser”, to speak in her song titles.

But first let’s start from the beginning.

The mid twenties DJ originally comes from Moscow, and since the mid nineties her life has been linked with her deepest passion: music.

Whether in the scope of a traineeship for VIVA TV or a part time job in a CD rental agency in Cologne, as a freelance promoter for renowned labels such as Playhouse, Klang Elektronik and Mute, in the scope of her label management for Lone Records or as product manager of Ladomat for many years, her destiny is bringing her into connection with the music business again and again.

It was only logical therefore that in the course of the years Beliayeva also found her personal musical language.

Since the mid nineties initially in the artistic area for private views or similar on the move as a DJ, she opened for Kraftwerk with Laurent Garnier in 1997 and for the centre for art and media technology (ZKM) in Karlsruhe.

She then built up a continual presence as a club DJ from 2000 above all in her new home town of Hamburg.

In particular her resident event “Kill them all” in the Hamburg Gum Club or her performances in Waagenbau (a nightclub in Hamburg) gained Xenia a reputation as one of the hottest DJ insider tips of the hanseatic city.

In the meantime Xenia has a growing international action radius, and so you can hear her more often in club venues between France, Spain, Holland, Ukraine and Brazil or on her internet radio show xenbel on samurai.fm.

Xenia Beliayeva’s particular recipe for success is her singular mix of concert events and deejaying, which gives her DJ sets a unique result.

“I have always sung, and for about four years I have been building my vocals into my deejaying as a central element.

Of course I see myself first and foremost as a DJ for electronic music, or Techno to be more precise, but I don’t want to limit myself to this role.

I’m not scared of innovation, experiments and the conscious break from keeping expectations.

In this way it’s possible that in the middle of a techno set I will build in a Ministry record.” Also Beliayeva’s musical aesthetic as a producer draws up the effect of her incomparable voice.

Apart from productions with André Winter and the French electro producer Arnaud Caschera (as a joint project of Da Fresh & Xenia Beliayeva for the Plantage 13 label Dance Electric) she became particularly famous with her singles for Anthony Rother’s show label Datapunk.

Tracks such as “Ultra Glamour”, “Chocolate”, “Nanotubes”, “Hellraiser” and “Wedding & Funeral” as well as her new interpretation of the Rother classic “Don’t Worry” make Beliayeva one of the most important ambassador’s of the new label sound: powerful and energetic, Beliayeva flirts with industrial noise and in spite of everything remains full of emotion.

No wonder that in the meantime even long standing cult figures of electronic music such as Nitzer Ebb singer Douglas McCarthy draw on Beliayeva’s mixing skills for the current single for the Fixmer/McCarthy project.

Currently Beliayeva is working at full speed on her first artist’s album.

Xenia è stata definita una delle migliori dj in circolazione, questo grazie soprattutto alle sue esperienze passate.

Infatti dalla metà degli anni Novanta, apre i concerti dei Kraftwerk, nel 1997 per Laurent Garnier e per il centro per l`arte e media tecnologici (ZKM) di Karlsruhe.

Dal 2000 è stata resident dj in diversi club di Amburgo.

Da segnalare il suo evento “Kill Them All” al Gum Club di Amburgo o le sue performance a Waagenbau (un locale notturno di Amburgo).

Il suo raggio d`azione si allarga anche a livello internazionale, fra Francia, Spagna, Olanda, Ucraina e Brasile o su Internet, nel suo show radiofonico, Xenbel, trasmesso da Samurai fm.

La ricetta vincente di Xenia, è il suo singolare mix di concerto e deejaying, che dà alle sue performance un garantito effetto dirompente.

Dice: “Ho sempre cantato, e per circa quattro anni ho reso la voce un elemento centrale dei miei dj set.

Naturalmente mi vedo prima di tutto come un DJ di musica Elettronica, Techno per essere più precisi, ma io non desidero limitarmi a questo ruolo.

Non ho paura di innovazione e sperimentazione.” Oltre alle produzioni con André Winter e il produttore francese elettro, Arnaud Caschera (vedi il progetto congiunto di Da Fresh & Xenia Beliayeva per Plantage 13 etichetta Dance Electric) è diventata famosa in particolare per il suo singolo di Anthony Rother su etichetta Datapunk.

Dischi come “Ultra Glamour”, “Chocolate”, “Nanotubi”, “Hellraiser” e “Wedding & Funeral”, nonché la sua nuova interpretazione del classico Rother “Don` t Worry “.