Sinapsya – live (Truckstop76th/Trought records)


Sadness happens to the best of us and sometimes a shoulder to cry on just isn’t enough. Feeling sorry for yourself is a full-time occupation and the only way to do it properly is to give free rein to your emotions with a suitable soundtrack that can reflect what you are feeling inside.
Whenever I want to engage in the odd spot of sentimental wallowing, the bittersweet and melancholic tunes of Sinapsya provide the kind of soothing aural bath I need. That the track Emotion was partly composed on a computer in no way detracts from the overall warmth the tune conveys. I highly recommend it to even the most electrophobic amongst you: those who are still convinced that digital music is exclusively tied to the realm of washing machines, sweaty-rave parties or your kid’s walkman. Call it ‘downtempo electro’, laptop folk’, or whatever you wish – click on the icon on your desktop, unzip the file and download the soooouunds of Sinapsya…