e (E-gruppe DE) – TripleHead Visuals

e (Torston e. Hoehle) works as a Graphic, VJnand Partydecoration-Artist. And sometimes as a Partymaker in Berlin with his firm “E-Gruppe” since 1995.

He worked @ Pixelpark Berlin, Circus of Now, Bassport, Mayday, Graco, Fusion-Festival, Bass Planet, Tresor, Vollton, SonneMondSterne Festival, Ostfunk, Maria Berlin, No Ufos, Alphafestival Schwerin, Electric Ballroom, Gruppenzwang, Suicide Circus, Partysan, UrbanArtforms, Junimondfestival Magdeburg, E-Pulse Festival Breda…
Since 2003 the VJ e became more and more famous within the Techno and House scene.
The well known Logo-Manipulations make his (more 2D-style-)performances funny and his 3-beam-triplehead-installations are very popular.
E is using the liveshows for text-communication and is always close to the motto of the event.

e || e-gruppe/visualberlin >>>
e is: electro, extreme, ergonomic, explosive, excellent, explicit, essential, endless
but also: expression, evolution, energy, eye-ear-eggs, erection, ejaculation, epicenter, escalatin, entertainment, ecstasy, empathy, effect